Sobre nosotros
Quienes somos

We are María and Javier, two brothers who, taking advantage of the synergy and experience of our parents, have decided to embark on a new path that makes a purchase an easy, simple and rewarding experience.

Aware that fashion, both textiles and footwear, has become something important in the lives of all of us, we decided to create this project and be part of it by sharing it with you.

We like challenges, grow professionally and learn day by day. The two of us together form a great team, each one contributing the knowledge acquired with our studies and thus getting the best out of ourselves.

Today, during the purchase process, whether through the new channels or in a physical store, we try to build an emotional connection, so that our purchase is not a mere solution but a set of sensations that make us enjoy.

That's where we want to be. We hope to be in the expectations.

What does Unixence mean?

Unixence comes from the union of two words, thus becoming our slogan:


We want to create a unique experience for the buyer, with a relationship that goes beyond the professional.

What do we do?

We are a multi-brand Spanish company that is dedicated to online and offline sales, specializing in textiles, footwear, complements and accessories, with a sportwear and urban style. Our offer is aimed at women and men, so that someone like you feels comfortable when it comes to dressing.


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